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Board Members


Board Members
 Ismail Yusuf Bilal Batha  Munaf Zina  Ahmed Alibhai
Ismail Yusuf
 Bilal Batha
Vice Chair
Munaf Zina
Ahmed Alibhai
Afzal Galaria   Nafisa Bhamji Patel Yahya Hafesji 

 Afzal Galaria
Board Member

Nafisa Bhamji Patel
Board Member

Yahya Hafesji
Board Member 

David Booker  Anjum Bokhari  Patrick Vernon  Sohail Balesaria 

David Booker
Co-Opted Member

Anjum Bokhari
Co-Opted Member

Patrick Vernon
Co-Opted Member

Sohail Balesaria
Co-Opted Member


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Last updated: 07-10-2016

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